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How to choose a wedding venue.

According to a National survey in 2018 carried out by Bridebook.co.uk just 27% of couples get married in a religious building.

Every wedding is different and on the day it is always a great experience regardless of anything where it is held. Each type of venue has it's pros and cons, and naturally it is down to personal preference.

I have photographed weddings in all types of locations, from the Classical Church weddings, Registry Office weddings, to typically a Hotel Venue, where the couple have the entire day at the venue.

My approach to the venue is always the same, I look for the best possible locations to take the photographs, preferably outdoors, however, if the weather is against me, then I always have a plan B and a find a room where I can take the photographs using portable flash. This is where experience is invaluable to ensure whatever the conditions, the photographs will always look great.

Suzanne and Marcus Southport Registry Office

It doesn't really matter where the wedding is held or where the wedding breakfast and evening celebrations are held. Yes it is much easier if everything is in one place at a wedding venue which is accredited to do wedding ceremonies. However, when the wedding is held at two different locations then it just needs a bit of extra planning to make best use of time. On average as a photographer I have a two hour window after the ceremony, sometimes shorter. So it is important to maximise the time and get everyone to work with me in a relaxed but efficient way to get as much time as I can to take great pictures.

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