How much should you wedding photography cost?

This is a really good question. There is a wide range of prices available from very cheap to very expensive. So where do you start? I have seen a wide range of wedding photography, ranging from a friend taking the wedding pictures, to a full on team including videographers. So the cost of wedding photography can range from free to thousands of pounds.

What you need to ask yourself, is what do you actually want?

Suzanne and Marcus, Victoria Park Southport

There are so many options to choose from with prices going into the thousands. So the big question is, how much do you want to spend and what can you get for your budget?

It can be very tempting to go for a high end photographer who will take hundreds of photographs and probably aim to take some very arty shots. If that is what you like then that is where you need to look. On the other side of the scale there are the very low cost photographers, who offer very cheap prices and do a great job. So how do you decide?

What you need to ask yourself is:

What will we do with the photographs after the wedding?

If there are in excess of three hundred wedding photographs, are they all relevant and will we or will friends and family have the time to look at each one and appreciate them?

Do you want the photographs in an album or just to view on screen?

How many guests will be attending?

Is it a picturesque wedding venue?

What style of photography do you want? There is a growing trend for documentary style wedding photography, but in my experience, people still want some family group shots.

There isn't an easy answer to this. It is all down to personal preference. In my experience, people just want something in the middle, for example a mixture of editorial and group shots. Sometimes they have special requests or have seen a wedding photograph they would like to copy. I just believe in giving my clients what they want and not force my opinions on them for my own gain.

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