How many wedding photographs should I get?

I have seen wedding photographers provide 1000 wedding photographs. When I look at them, they have photographed absolutely everything whether it moves or not. When you think about this, it might sound like great value for money and that is what some people want.

However, once you have all of these photographs, what are you going to do with them? To look at each picture is going to take on average 2 to 3 minutes That is 3000 minutes which is unbelievably 50 hours! If it was only 1 minute per picture that is still 16.6 hours. Being realistic, you would never look at them properly and probably only select a few to print or put some on your phone to show friends and family.

I remember one client when I asked them about this, they said to me, 'we just want a nice selection of pictures that tell the story, but something that doesn't take too long to go through and something we want to keep looking at time and time again to remind us of our special day'

Before digital cameras, everything was taken on rolls of film. Usually it was two rolls of 36. So the entire wedding would consist of a maximum of 72 photographs. I say maximum, because out of the 72 taken some of them wouldn't be keepers, because somebody blinked at the wrong moment or there was an issue with the exposure.

Zoe and Thomas Wedding Abbey House Hotel Barrow in Furness

Unlike today, where it is usual to take between 200 to 400 photographs, sometimes more, however, not everyone would be a keeper. This is because the way photographers work today is to take a few shots of the same subject to explore different angles or to make sure that they have several photographs of groups shots to make sure they get one where nobody is blinking or looking in the wrong direction.

So to answer the question, it depends on what you want. I am always flexible and like to talk through the day with my clients to manage expectations. A base list is drawn up and agreed, the the rest is up to me to use my creativity and ensure I am capturing lots of candid shots, which capture the real essence of the day.

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