Is your wedding photographer insured?

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Planning a wedding can take months of careful preparation, the cost can be high and it is something hopefully you only do once, so it is a very special occasion. You hire professional wedding planners, professional caterers, professional entertainers and a professional photographer. The expectation is that all of these professionals deliver on the day and everything is flawless. But things can go wrong.

Before digital photography, the wedding was shot on film. There were many things that could go wrong, for example lose a roll of film, the camera jamming or even a problem with the exposure and all of the photographs are potentially ruined. With digital cameras, things can still go wrong.

Most photographers have a backup camera, plenty of batteries and memory cards, so they are always well prepared. However, if the photographer doesn't set up the camera properly and have a constant backup to a second memory card, there is a chance that the memory card could be corrupt which in effect means that the images are irrecoverable. So if this happens, what do you do?

This is one of the benefits of insurance, it is far from ideal, but it would cover any compensation costs and allow for a reshoot. It is impossible to recreate the actual wedding day, but it is possible to shoot some pictures with the bride, groom and close family just for the record.

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