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Pre-wedding photography.

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

In my experience this is a really good way to build a rapport with the wedding photographer and practise some poses. Most people are not used to having a camera pointed at them, it can make them feel uneasy and self conscious and don't forget it isn't just one picture, this will be going on all day when it comes to the wedding itself.

When I have done the pre wedding photography shoots, we usually meet in a pub or a cafe to talk things through which helps everyone relax and get an idea of what to expect. I normally have the location decided in advance and know exactly what I need to do.

Anne Wedding at the Liverpool Racquet Club

It is my job to put everyone at ease, because it can be very difficult for the wedding couple to act normal and relaxed in front of an almost complete stranger who has a camera constantly pointing at them. But I can assure you that after a very short time, the barriers drop and the nerves disappear. When this happens, that's when you start to get some great natural pictures which can be incorporated into the wedding album.

Every couple I have done this with has thanked me and said it "really broke the ice" and they felt more comfortable being photographed, which was great preparation for the wedding day!

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