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The more I pay for wedding photography, the better it is?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Many people struggle with pricing, this is because there are no comparison sites, every photographer is different. There is also a case to think about style and creativity. It doesn't matter how expensive the photographers equipment is, if they can't use it or lack creativity, then you will still get average results.

There are many fine photographers trying to get into the wedding market, but they are unable to charge higher prices because they are up against the well established wedding photographers who can easily command their price because of a perceived reputation.

The problem is finding the balance.

Helen and Jim Wedding Hard Days Night Hotel Liverpool

Like any service you are paying for experience and professional knowledge. However, unlike a professional plumber or electrician, photography is very personal and there are so many ways to do the job. In addition it a big part of the successful wedding photography is the rapport between the photographer and everyone attending the wedding.

Another part of this discussion is the total cost. For example wedding albums can range from £95 to many hundreds of pounds, depending on the size and quality. So my advice is to decide how much you want to spend then look around for a photographer who you think will tick all of the boxes for you.

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