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Wedding albums.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

A wedding album is a great addition and nothing beats looking at hard copies of your wedding photographs in a specially created album. It is a bit like reading a book on an iPad or a Kindle, it works, but it feels so much better if you a reading a physical book.

Unlike albums of the past, where you just stuck pictures in an album, which you can still do, most albums are produced digitally online. Not everyone wants an album as they are happy just to see them on a computer screen, phone or TV, but for those who do want an album, I can highly recommend it.

I have seen wedding albums with as many as 500 pictures in them, but how many do you actually need? There is also a huge range of albums to choose from, some costing hundreds of pounds. So which one is for you?

With the proliferation of social media and camera phones, we are all used to looking at our pictures on a phone, laptop or a television. However, once you have seen them, how many times do you look at them? Can you even find them amongst the hundreds or potentially thousands of pictures on your phone?

So the reason for the album is that it is something tangible that you can pick up and enjoy a selection of the best photographs of your wedding, that tell the story of your wedding day.

Many of my clients ask for an album that they want to pick up and look at time and time again, but not have too many pictures in it. The reason for this, is that we all have a limited attention span and we just want to see the good bits and not things that don't say anything.

Different options are available:

Option 1 Digital album:

This is generally a slide show created by the photographer and saved to a USB Key or DVD. This allows couples to share the images with friends and family, who can view the album on their computer or television.

This is a low cost option and it is just a case of paying for the wedding photographers time. The cost will depend on how many photographs are included and if any text or music is to be added.

Option 2 Photobook:

These are a superb way to present your photographs and are reasonably low cost. The album is initially designed by the photographer (or you can do it yourself to save cost), then it is viewed online for approval before it is printed. The layout and design is totally flexible and the photobook can be printed in different sizes, normally either A3 or A4. Mini photobooks can also be printed to give to friends and family.

A photobook starts at around £95 and depending on the requirements can be as much as £500

This following screenshots are taken from a photobook I made for Zoe and Thomas.

Front cover of A4 harbacked Photobook

The screenshot above and below are examples of the online process of viewing the book, before it is printed

Option 3 Box of prints

This is a recent trend where couples opt for their photographs to be printed then placed in a presentation box. This is a great way to view the wedding photographs as you handle them and pass them around when showing friends and family. Everyone is so accustomed to seeing everything on a screen, so having physical prints on high quality photographic paper, just makes the wedding photographs seem more special.

This is a reasonably low cost option, however the price will depend on the size of prints, the number of prints and the style and size of the box.

Finally whichever option you choose, just make the most of your wedding photographs and you will enjoy them forever.