Colour or Black and White

This is always a great question. I think black and white pictures are great, but they have their place. My clients always ask if I can take some black and white pictures. The answer is always yes!

I think wedding photographs look great in Colour and Black & White, it is a very subjective area and

Before digital photography, the only way to do this was to have two cameras, one loaded with colour film and one loaded with black and white film. Digital photography has totally transformed this because the camera just records a digital image, which is then processed by a computer. The software can produce images, limited only by your imagination, so to make a wedding photograph colour or black and white is now a very simple process.

So when discussing your requirements with your wedding photographer, always make sure that you make the photographer aware of your desire to have some of the pictures, maybe specific ones, in black and white.

Black and White or Colour, they both have their place

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