• Steve Heatherill

Styles of wedding photography.

There has been a big trend towards candid documentary style wedding photography. This is where the wedding photographer documents the day by taking natural candid photographs of the full day and nothing is posed. There is also a trend for wedding photographs to have that washed out look or have instagram filters applied.

I think these trends have their place and it is ok to have a few of these, but I worry if this is what the client wants or it is what the photographer has sold them because it is in vogue.

I like to talk to my clients and ask them what they want. When they talk it through in almost every case, they do want some candid wedding photographs, but they also want some posed.

Why do they still want this?

I always find that they still want to have formal images of family and relatives and make sure that grandparents and people who have travelled a long way for the wedding are not missed off the wedding pictures. I also find that parents and grandparents really appreciate these type of pictures for to display on their houses to remind them of that special day.

Helen and Jim Wedding Hard Days Night Hotel Liverpool

I am happy to do what my clients request, but I have to say I still think adding effects is sometimes a way of trying to make an average picture look good.

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