• Steve Heatherill

Why choose a professional wedding photographer?

I remember when I started taking pictures, at first it was a great experience, I could take what I wanted when I wanted. If the results weren't very good it didn't matter. Then I took a job with a local newspaper and all of a sudden I had to deliver!

I had to go to sports events including football matches, where I was expected to get a picture of the ball going into the back of the net. How hard was that! I also went to book signings, openings of shops by local celebrities; the list goes on. It was terrifying. The responsibility of delivering a quality picture every time was daunting. I have to admit that sometimes the results were not perfect, but the it was a superb time to learn the craft of photography under pressure and dealing with people to get the best out of them.

As my career progressed, I started doing wedding photography, which carries even more responsibility. This was before digital cameras, so every picture had to count. The realisation that I had to get it right first time was a huge responsibility. As my career developed, I took time to gain professional qualifications over a four year period, spend time working as an assistant photographer in London, then finally setting up my own studio.

So like myself, most wedding photographers will have a great deal of experience behind them, dealing with people, using their skills to get the best pictures and know the best places to take them. They have invested in high quality equipment, know it inside out and can cope with anything that comes at them, including days when it rains non stop!

Taking all of those things into consideration would you risk your wedding day to a non professional?

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