Southport Registry Office

Vincent Hotel Southport

I met Suzanne and Marcus in Southport to talk about their wedding before we went on to Victoria Park in Southport to do some pre-wedding shots. This is almost like a mini rehearsal especially when people are not used to being photographed and feel awkward in front of a camera, as most people do! This really helped Suzanne and Marcus relax in front of the camera and build a good rapport. On the wedding day the weather was superb, everyone was relaxed and felt happy being photographed. I always like to find a good location for the pictures after the ceremony, in most cases it isn't a problem, but with the registry office in the town centre, we decided on a short drive to Victoria Park in Southport. The weather was perfect, everyone had a good time and the pictures were and still are some of my favourites. Following on from the pictures the reception was held at the Vincent Hotel in Southport.

Suzanne & Marcus