The Wedding Celebrations: (often called the wedding breakfast). What to expect

When the ceremony finishes, I prefer to hold off for a little while, let everyone gather themselves and get a glass of wine to celebrate the occasion.


The main photographs have been taken and it is now time to relax. I will cover the time leading up to the wedding breakfast, taking discreet photographs of people generally enjoying themselves and catching up with friends and relatives. When the wedding breakfast is announced, I will leave you for a short while until the wedding breakfast is finished. I will start again when it is time for the speeches. I aim to capture the emotions and special atmosphere of this part of your day, whilst remaining discreet at all times. 

Some couples prefer the photographs to stop at this point, however, if the you have requested photographs of the evening and first dance, I will keep looking for opportunities to take good photographs, after the speeches have finished whilst your guests are taking time out to relax, before the evening event starts. During this time, I will be in the background discreetly taking photographs, this is a good time of the day as your guests have had a few drinks and starting to let their hair down! Then the moment comes for the important first dance.

The pictures are a few examples of this part of the day. If you double click on any of the images, a gallery will open so you can see bigger pictures.