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Bridal preparations

The Ceremony

Wedding breakfast

First dance

I tried to give you an insight into what happens on the day. I always plan everything well in advance to make sure I have all eventualities covered. The key to success is planning and always prepared for the unexpected. This is one of the benefits of using a professional wedding photographer as we have probably experienced most things that could and can go wrong, so we know how to deal with it.

Bridal preparations


I would keep in contact with you at regular intervals before the wedding, I will go to the venue in advance to make sure I have a plan on the day of where to take the photographs and to have a plan B in case it rains!

On the day, I will let you know I have arrived at the venue, so you can have one less thing to worry about!

There is activity everywhere: Bride and Bridesmaids getting ready, hair, make up, getting the dresses on, the guests are arriving, and the groom and best man getting ready. There are preparations around the venue, the caterers etc, it is just a hive of activity. I aim to capture as much of this as I can moving around the different areas, photographing in a discreet editorial style, to give you a more personal record of this special time. 

I prefer to take pictures in soft natural light, because that represents what you saw on the day and provide a mix of colour and black and white photographs.

I will also be going around the venue taking pictures of people arriving , people just catching up, having fun and recording as much of the build up to the ceremony as possible in a non posed natural relaxed style of photography. 


The Ceremony

As the official wedding photographer, I normally get access to all areas to ensure I get those special moments. The key is trying to capture the emotions of the day. For me all weddings are as important whether it is in a church, registry office or a wedding venue, so knowing what to look for and when it will happen is key to being able to think ahead and be in the right place at the right time. 

Again the key is to be discreet and not interfere with the ceremony. Where possible, I will use natural light, because it captures the mood and emotion of the day.

After the wedding ceremony, I will know from the planning stage ho much time I have before everyone needs to be at the wedding breakfast. So I tend to let everyone just enjoy the moment, have drinks and as your 'most enthusiastic guest with a camera' I will look around and capture all of those priceless moments. Around 20 minutes before everyone needs to leave for the wedding breakfast, I will take some posed shots of family and some pictures of the bride and groom.


Wedding breakfast

I see this as a private part of the day, I will take time out to review the pictures already taken and let everyone else enjoy the wedding breakfast.

I will have usually taken shots of the wedding breakfast room before everyone arrives, to capture the memory of the layout, the table styling and the details that have been put there to make it so special and memorable.

I will only go into the room just before the speeches are due to start. Nothing will be posed, it will just be about capturing those special moments and people enjoying the speeches, the humour and the emotions.

Some couples will cut the cake after the speeches and some wait until the evening party, however, whichever way it goes, after this part, I will stay in the background, while everyone retreats and waits for the evening party. 

I still look for those opportunities, however, as quite often, people are more relaxed and I get some great natural shots.


First dance

This is where the party starts and my job is to mingle with the guests and take photographs of them having a great time. Then when the moment comes, be in the right place to capture the first dance. 

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